What is a Print Broker? A Broker in general is someone who creates a competitive atmosphere around a product and/or service. Ultimately, the purpose of this is to drive down prices for the consumer.

Now, a "Print" Broker takes a company's print job and presents it to multiple professional print facilities who in turn will compete in price and turn around time for that job. In the end the company can get a greater quantity of product, a better quality of product and achieve a cheaper price per piece.

You may ask what One Stop Media might get as a fee for this service? There is NO up front fee for this service! One Stop Media receives a slight mark-up ability because of it's long term relationship with these print facilities, who are looking for jobs to fill their down-time on their presses. One Stop Media creates a win-win situation for both the printer and the company that needs the work done.

Why haven't I heard about this "print brokering" before? Although brokering in itself has been around a long time, out-sourcing happens all the time. Let's say you show up at the local print shop and request a few full color banners. The print shop may tell you it will take a week or so to print and they have to send it out to a different source because their press doesn't print in wide format. There isn't a competitive environment to drive down price because they only work with one additional printer. In fact there will probably be an upcharge for the job as a result so they can justify the expense and make some profit.

Is the printed product inferior in any way? NO! In fact, in a lot of cases the printed product is superior in paper stock and print quality.

How can I get started with One Stop Media? Getting a quote is simple! Just click on the "New Quote" icon on the left and fill out our online quote form. Be sure to fill all of the questions as to ensure the best possible quote for your job.



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